Smart Localization

Welcome to Smart Localization, the ultimate tool for language integration in your Unity projects. Designed to work seamlessly with our existing AI Development Kit, Smart Localization is available for download from the Unity Asset Store.


Smart Localization combines robust text generation and translation tools directly within the Unity Editor, streamlining the localization process for your games and applications.

Core Functionalities

Text Generation & Translation

  • AI-Powered Tools: Utilize advanced AI, including Google Translator and GPT translations, to generate and translate text effortlessly.

  • Direct Integration: Incorporate text generation and translation directly into your Unity projects for seamless workflow.

Text Revision Tools

  • In-Editor Adjustments: Easily refine and adjust translations within Unity to ensure accuracy and contextual relevance.

Intuitive Table Editor

  • User-Friendly Management: Handle your localization data with an intuitive table editor that supports JSON, CSV, and XLIFF files.

  • Cross-Referenced Tables: Link existing data tables (such as item_table) to automatically generate and update localization keys, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Management Tools

Table Manager

  • Comprehensive Oversight: Oversee all aspects of your localization tables, keeping them organized and up-to-date.

Suffix Manager

  • Contextual Categorization: Manage suffixes that categorize and describe text content, enhancing AI's ability to generate contextually relevant text.

Designed for All Developers

Smart Localization is more than just a translation tool—it's about creating meaningful, contextually appropriate text for every aspect of your game or application. This asset empowers developers to automate and refine text content creation, saving time and enhancing the quality of multilingual projects.

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